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China Again Tightens Internet; No More Pseudonyms

[ 0 ] December 28, 2012 |

After a series of embarrassing scandals involving lower level party officials hit the web, the Chinese Communist Party tightened restrictions for bloggers requiring them to register with their real names…

Just as it required users of microblogs to register with their real names earlier this year, Chinese lawmakers now require the same of all internet users.

At the closing of the five-day Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, lawmakers sought to tighten the use of the web to prevent the making of malicious and anonymous accusations, dissemination of pornography, and creating panic with unfounded rumors.

While sounding laudable on the surface, such reasons are often used as cover by lawmakers to prevent whistleblowers from exposing embarrassing information or scandals.

Chinese officials have long worked with internet providers to censors posts, but recent moves have taken the relationship from one of cooperation to one of law.

Deeper reporting in The New York Times.

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